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EasySteps meditation
a simple three steps guided meditation method

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Guided meditation

Perfected by experts with years of experience, the EasySteps guided meditation method has helped thousands of people, from all different backgrounds and from all around the world, to learn meditation quickly with a simple and user-friendly approach based on clear instructions.

It has been proved that people using the EasySteps guided meditation method had progressed up to 40 times faster than people learning meditation with books, guided meditation CDs or even private lessons. Moreover, the EasySteps guided meditation monitoring system allows you to follow you progress in real time.

In three steps, you will first learn to master meditation basics, then move on to the most advanced meditation techniques. Unlike other learning techniques or guided meditation methods, with EasySteps Meditation you know exactly what you are doing and why, which makes your meditation sessions much more efficient.

You will also learn to plan your own sessions and be able to meditate independently. Your life will start to change more and more noticeably over time. You will be much more relaxed, more effective at work and in your daily activities. You will also have acquired an increased resistance to stress and better control over yourself.


Before buying our guided meditation CD, we would like you to have a glance at it. Here are a few samples of the audio tracks and a few randomly chosen pages of the meditation and progression guide.

Please note that the quality of the sound and pictures below is low to allow acces from low-speed internet. The original tracks of our guided meditation CD are all in high quality formats.

1) Play this track to listen to a short extract of a meditation session.

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2) Click here to see a sample of the Meditation Guide.

3) Click here to see a sample of the Progression Guide.

Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to preview the Guides.Download a free version here
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Step 1 : Learn The basics

During this first stage, you will learn the basics of meditation, from proper posture to elementary breathing, relaxation, and concentration techniques.

The frequency and duration of the sessions have been carefully calibrated to allow for optimal progress.

The goal is to allow you to quickly feel the first beneficial effects of meditation, and to prepare you to move on to more advanced techniques.

You will learn to let go of superficial tensions and to develop your concentration.

Step 2 : Practice and adapt

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it is important to incorporate regular meditation practice into your life.

You will learn to structure your practice in a way that lets you stay dedicated and continue to progress. You will also learn a few complementary techniques to enrich and diversify your meditation sessions.

The progress guide will be your progress-tracking tool for each of your sessions throughout the six months of the EasySteps method.

The effects of meditation will start to become more and more evident in your daily life. You will soon start feeling a deep and lasting calm, and you will find that it is much easier to concentrate and to solve problems that had previously seemed insurmountable.

Step 3 : Integrate your practice into your life

A number of additional exercises, to be practiced for a few minutes at a time throughout the day in addition to your regular meditation practice, will allow you to keep your mind in a continuous state of concentration and relaxation.

These exercises were designed to be compatible with active modern lifestyles. They can be performed anywhere, even at your desk or in the street.

Longer and more advanced meditation exercises will allow you to keep on learning, to refine your meditation techniques and to strengthen them over time.

As you progress through this third stage of the EasySteps method, you’ll find yourself feeling the benefits of your meditation sessions at all times and in all situations.

You will notice a more profound and lasting transformation, and so will the people around you.

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"The main advantage of the EasySteps guided meditation method is its simplicity. The instructions are easy to put into practice, and in no time I was able to relax and concentrate."
—Sonjia P., Canada

"I am a very busy woman, so I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to meditation. That's why I really appreciated the direct and pragmatic approach offered by EasySteps Meditation. I made quick progress, and even though I'm still as busy as ever, I now find it much easier to keep my life balanced."
—Ginta K, Norway

"The real-time monitoring system really makes a difference. Monitoring my results every week helps to keep me motivated, and to avoid getting discouraged when the going gets tough."
—Donovan K., USA


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